15th June 2021
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Thank You Letter: Looking Towards 2021

thank you letter
By Anna Tompkins

We learn so many things from the people in our lives. Perhaps even without realizing it until the universe seems fit to bash you in the head with it repeatedly until you actually decide to acknowledge it. So this is the insight I have gained in my many musings from a recent universe smack down. A thank you letter.

My motorcycle coach keeps telling me, “You have to look where you’re going, not where you are! If you don’t keep your eyes ahead you’ll tip over.”

My weightlifting coach glaringly reminds, “You must move with intention. Otherwise, you’re just everyone’s wasting time!”

My running coach absolutely preaches, “Stay in your lane! Don’t let the other runners distract. This will only slow your momentum.”

My father recites [in a very Confucius sounding tone] “When a river breaks your path, it is your responsibility to build a bridge to get over it.”

What do these things have in common, other than a high likelihood for bodily injury and probably a structural engineering degree? Confidence. Vision. Balance.

We need to have confidence in ourselves, in the knowledge, talents and resources we possess. To fight for ourselves.


We need to have a vision, of the outcomes we desire and take the realistic steps necessary to propel us there.


We need balance to keep ourselves steady when circumstances and others, or even ourselves, push us off course.

And while I may have already known all these things intellectually, and perhaps my situation has changed a bit, sometimes I need people to remind me of who I am and where I’m going. It has become so easy to become lost in the distractions of this world recently and support teams are needed more than ever. To push us to be the people that we want to be, and perhaps not the people that we are in that moment.

This year has taught me humility, perspective, and gratitude; for where I am in life and where I’m going. But for those of us that want to move forward, those who are hustling our little hearts out until our orbits stabilize, we need to find those people who are going to push us to be more than what we are while we rebuild ourselves.

While it takes time and certainly isn’t easy, Marie Kondo prompts us to hold on to the things in our lives that spark joy and to let go of others that clutter our space and spirits. But Jessie J reminds us that we are all perfectly incomplete and still working on our masterpiece.

Keep growing! Surround yourself in your A-team, but give yourself a little patience and forgiveness for this year, we all need it.

Thank you to all my peeps, old and new, who have re-centered me when I felt lost, reminded me of all I’ve done and all I’ve yet to do! Here’s to a new beginning!

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