16th June 2021
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About Purpose: It Does Not Belong To You

About purpose
By Natasha Jean-Bart

You are at a threshold, and you realize that life in the bleachers is nearer than you think. One day your act will be done, and you will take your bow for the very last time. Oh! What to do with the rest of your life?

As swiftly as you exit the stage, a meager one takes form; the applause is gone. The mundane is uncomfortable, the transition inescapable. You are thrust into a life where everything you thought was important is disappearing faster than time itself. Even the meaning of the word “important” somewhere lost its root. During all those years it was hijacked by the feeling of things being urgent.

There is no being in things. It’s just a checklist of often-empty doings. You ask yourself; “Is this what it feels like to get older? Were all these past doings meaningless?

Now that you are slowly leaving behind the autumn heart of adulthood, life seems like it is quickening away with every tick of the clock.

More and more, you begin to notice every “thing” that lacks meaning. You are an outsider watching those that fail to recognize the shift and pile up more unconscious doings into their daily lives. And so, the timeworn adage finally comes of age. It’s in this short conscious span that the old cycle is transcended. One last push, one last shock, and your frequency may be ready for that higher octave.

Suddenly, every new step begins in a slow and graceful walk towards each turn. Every note marks a slower tempo. Each encounter performed in a pas de deux must also have the perfect measure. As the dance becomes more complex in form, only its simplest embodiment will resonate with your path. Although all sees the leap, no one ever notices how your eyes look upon the future ever slightly. The mastery of your landings comes from years of smaller adagios. The effortless does not impress the youthful bodies amidst their lively summers. The stage now belongs to them.

You on the other hand are dangling in between each sound, balancing your spirit for what has yet to come – the elder in the middle of his winter, observing his mind while watching the spirited children playing in the spring of their youth. You see the design of the one purpose through all the intertwined paths. All of them have meaning, and still for a long time you feel compelled to find a unique direction. A slower pace to adjust to the speed of time; balance is key.

Discovering that the purpose does not belong to you is one of the biggest epiphany you will ever encounter. It belongs to ALL. We become the purpose. You now shall embody the well; filled with stories to quench the beautiful, thirsty, and impatient minds. You are exactly where you need to be – at the crossing of the clearing, sitting under a tree.


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