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Designing Couture For A Cure with Florencia Gianinetto

By Ashley Sutherland

For the past eight years, Las Vegas has hosted one of the most creative¬†and artistic¬†events to raise funds for treatment and research to fight pediatric childhood diseases like cancer, hemophilia, and genetic disorders. Circus Couture is an annual event¬†with¬†major collaborations of circus, fine art, children’s art, and couture fashion where the proceeds are donated to the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada and Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. In 2017, Circus Couture announced that their eighth annual event,¬†PRYSM¬†would¬† be held on October 4th at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Each year, couture fashion is celebrated with a collaboration runway and featured runway show. Collaboration runway features several designers who create innovative pieces to dazzle the patrons of the event and a Featured Designer is selected to present an entire line of couture fashion on the night of the event.¬† This year, the uber talented Las Vegas based designer,¬†Florencia Gianinetto was selected for the coveted role. Florencia joined TheatreArtLife to share her journey from creation to the stage for Circus Couture 2017 “PRYSM”.

TheatreArtLife: Where are you from Florencia?

I was born in Argentina, but I’ve lived in Las Vegas most of my life.

How did you get started in your career?

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 8 years old. I have had a passion for sewing and creating ever since.

What is your current job when you are not creating your designs for Circus Couture?

I work in the wardrobe department for the show Legends in Concert. I work with a team of three to design and create costumes for all the venues we have across the country, including the one here at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

How would you describe your design aesthetic ?

Avant garde. I enjoy creating new silhouettes and concepts.

How did you become involved with Circus Couture?

During my college internship at a costume shop, I worked with people who participated in Circus Couture in previous years. I immediately wanted to be a part of Circus Couture after hearing all about it. This will be my third year participating.

What were your immediate thoughts when you received the invitation to be the featured designer for “PRYSM”?

Ecstatic and anxious. I was happy to know that I would be taking part in such a good cause. Also, I would get to push myself with the biggest project I’ve ever taken on and that made me happy. I was anxious because I knew there would be a lot of stress, hard work, and my designs would be on display for people to see.

As featured designer, what is your inspiration for your collection?

Like with most of my work, I love taking inspiration from a wide range of things like architecture, fantasy, past eras, flora and fauna etc. Each look is inspired by something specific but tweaked to look otherworldly.

Which design in your collection are you most excited to reveal this year?

I am excited to reveal all of them! I’ve pushed my limits and tested many new things. At one point I even needed power tools to craft one of the headpieces! Being the featured designer has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see my hard work, and the hard work of everyone else, on stage.

Explore Florencia Gianinetto’s Circus Couture 2017 Collection

Photo Credit: Shane O’Neal Photography, “Red” by¬†Florencia Gianetto,¬†Model: Brooke Brown, Makeup Design: Emily Harris, Makeup Artist: Angie Lum
Photo Credit: Shane O’Neal Photography, “Orange” by¬†Florencia Gianinetto, Model: Jordan Best-Grim, Makeup Designer:¬†Lauren Chabira, Makeup Artist: Deanna Padilla


Photo Credit: Shane O’Neal Photography, “Yellow”¬†by Florencia Gianietto, Feature Model: Erica Vanlee, Makeup Designer: Lauren Chabira, Makeup Artist: Carly Ryan
Photo Credit: Shane O’Neal Photography, “Green”¬†by Florencia Gianietto, Feature Model: Jessica Wood, Hair & Makeup Designer: Emily Harris, Makeup Artist:Debra Weite

Photo Credit: Shane O’Neal Photography, “Blue” by Florencia Gianinetto, Model: Danielle Apostolec, Makeup Designer: Meghann Mason, Makeup Artist: Sara Ajdahim, Hair: Tristian Williams

Photo Credit: Shane O’Neal Photography, “Purple” by Florencia Gianinetto, Model: Barri Griffiths, Makeup Designer: Meghann Mason, Makeup Artist: Kittie Lombardo, Hair: Liz¬†Elizabeth Waterbury Kitzberger
Photo Credit: Shane O’Neal Photography, “Prysm” by Florencia Gianinetto, Model: Ashley Sutherland-Winch, Makeup Design: Meghann Mason, Hair Design: Andeen Rose

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