16th April 2021
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There Was A Reason For Our Season by Jonelle DeBlanc

Lincoln Hudson
By Lincoln Hudson

There was a reason for our season and within it, a unique love shared during our years together. 

 When I say this man made me laugh, I mean roar with laughter never truer.

He would have told you the story of the lady with the drill but I will tell you the story of the man who brought playfulness and laughter to the lives of all he encountered. 

For as opinionated and politically charged as he was, he was just as equally witty and charming. Well read, incredibly well spoken, and incredibly well rounded from so much life packed into the years. He lived it to the fullest for absolute sure. He very much lived a life of yes to trying his hand at most everything without hesitation or fear. Why not, right? How many times did he crash that Penny-farthing?

Never was there a day the house wasn’t filled with his pitch-perfect singing of some fitting show tune which was most often accompanied by graceful moves down the stairs. Just because, life.

Of course, that’s Linx. The only man I’ve ever known to rival my love of a relaxing bath and a lazy morning with tea and a book. All together at once when possible, please. He was creating constantly with a mind that never stopped. It was awe-inspiring to watch someone so driven and alive with passion.

So many fond memories flood back as I remember all the fantastic times we shared as best friends, husband and wife, and friends once more. Here’s to you Linx. You’re one in a billion. Never to be replaced or forgotten in the hearts of all who had the pleasure to know you.

Jonelle DeBlanc

Tribute by Jonelle DeBlanc


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