17th May 2021
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Top 10 Tips for Staying Fit On Tour

By Fit On Tour
Andrea McNeil

I want to start by saying that being ‘Fit On Tour’ means something different for everyone. It doesn’t have to be about eating 100% clean, or busting out burpee’s – it’s about finding time for yourself in your busy days. Whether that’s as simple as meditation, or stretching or as big as a bootcamp, or spin class – it’s about stepping away. I strongly feel that our industry needs to break the stigma of ‘no rest for the wicked’- we are all overworked, and often fearful of taking a break on a show day among the hustle and bustle. But I believe it is important. For you, your team, your artists and everyone in between.

These are some simple things that help me stay accountable, and feeling my best self while on the road:


Whether in a hotel, on a tour bus, getting on a long flight, or in a van for a long drive – I encourage you to buy groceries! So much of our time on the road is spent eating out at restaurants (which can be wonderful!), but I try to stock my fridge with some simple healthy snacks, and try to eat at least one meal a day from the groceries I have bought – typically this is breakfast. Buying your own groceries allows you to be more in control of portions and what is going into your body.


Make it fun!

  • In an arena? Run up and down the stairs.
  • In a hotel? Turn the furniture into a circuit course and get on that floor for some push ups!
  • In a new city? Go for a run/walk and explore. End at a fun destination.


Finding a buddy to join you on your fitness endeavors will keep you motivated and accountable and can make all the difference. Plus, it’s way more fun. Set challenges between your tour mates and make it exciting.


Light and easy to pack in a suitcase and can be done anywhere! (YouTube tutorial of my favorite exercises coming soon!)


I know, the obvious. But sleep sleep sleep means everything to maintaining a healthy and balanced life (mentally and physically). Something that I know is next to impossible some days with the demanding schedule of the road, but some nights you just have to put that FOMO aside, and crawl into your bed/bunk/spot in the world and get some good ol’ shut eye. You’ll be better for it! For me, I need between 6-8 to feel my best self. Some days it’s between 4-5 depending the schedule, but when you have an opportunity to catch up, DO IT!


Coming from a happy hour enthusiast and a lover of wine, craft beers, and most cocktails, this has probably been the most difficult one for me to manage, and find balance. I am not perfect in this category, but I’ve made progress since I started touring. It is easy to get carried away, and traveling the world with a group of like-minded people can be A PARTY – and there is nothing wrong with this. But, knowing your limits and knowing how much you can drink before it starts to affect your mental and physical health the following day is a balance that is essential to find.


It’s so easy to forget to consume enough water in a day (something I am still working on myself), but it’s crucial! I usually start my days on the road with 1L of water + an emerg c package. I try to drink another 1-2L per day after this. YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU.


Everyone’s body may require different vitamins – find out what yours needs and try to start your day by taking them. For me, I just take a women’s multivitamin, a vitamin D pill and a liver pill. (Plus the Vitamin C that comes in the emerg-c packages!)


Make that time for yourself in the day – whether it’s 10, 15, 20 minutes or more. Get out of your work environment and walk. Walk to a coffee shop, walk through a park, walk to do that errand you were going to ask the runner do, walk to the restaurant where you are meeting the crew for dinner…The fresh air and movement will be so good for your mind and body. And give you some much needed alone time.


Touring is full of lots of shiny things. Lots of them. Pace yourself with your indulgences. There is always going to be a nice bottle of wine, the best local craft beer, the cool hip tapas bar with the best foie gras in the country at your fingertips…but pace yourself. Getting carried away will cause you to burn out. Indulge, enjoy (I know I certainly do), but make sure you’ve found a balance and pace that works for you. Everyone’s stamina is different.

Balance is truly the key. Find yours.

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