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Discipline: A Ballet Dancer's Middle Name

We've all seen that little boy walking on the tip of his toes or noticed a young girl who loves to pirouette with her arms above her head. Many kids show a strong interest in ballet at a very young age and want to go see the Nutcracker every holiday season and feel a true calling for this art form. No one dancer goes through the same path, but horseback riding is definitely not the most conventional prologue to a life of pirouettes and piqués!

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Time's Up! Practical Tips For Equality In The Workplace

We have all read the articles about the lack of women and diversity in music production. Articles titled, “Where are all the Women in (insert your discipline here)? We have all seen the clickbait headlines “Women have better Hearing than Men,” “What’s it Like Being the Only Women on Tour?”, and we have all read the comment sections that soon turn nasty.

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