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Show Reel Of The Week: Performer & Stuntman - Josh Fried

Over the years I have worked to creatively combine many of the different disciplines I have studied. Gymnastics, Diving, Martial Arts and Circus all come together in a really interesting way, and my hope is to creatively pull from each of these areas. I have worked as a performer for nearly a decade, my immediate goals, besides continuing to perform, are to begin working as a fight choreographer and stunt coordinator.

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Acting: Advice For Those Getting Started

Hello dear friend! I hear you want an acting career, you’ve had a successful run in high school productions and community theatre shows - you’re now ready to play big ball! That’s great and your genuine desire to give this a go is what you need to take that first baby step and start your journey in the professional world, but it is what it is - a baby step, one of hundreds and thousands more you need to take.

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