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Theatre Art Life

Nili Bassman: Juggling Motherhood and a Broadway Career

In early August 2018, I signed on as temporary replacement to play the role of Hunyak in Chicago on Broadway for three months. I had played the role (with tremendous affection, I might add) for the better part of May 2008 - May 2012 and then left to pursue other projects and to see my family again for a hot second. Two months later, I was engaged; the following year I got married; and in the five years that followed I became a mother.

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Mental Health Status

The Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Mental Health Status with an Employer

Deciding whether to share your mental health journey can be a difficult decision. The following content has been developed by Heads Up, and gives information regarding the pros and cons of deciding whether to tell others about your mental health condition. While some of the information may be specific to those working in an organisation in an ongoing capacity, much of the information may still be relevant to those working show to show.

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Holiday Networking

Holiday Networking: A Few Tips for Freelancers

Revisiting an oldie but a goodie this week as this is the time of year where you can really maximize your community cultivation efforts. For many, figuring out how you are going to organically and subtly network with someone can be tricky. And that makes sense. It’s a fine art. A good networking gesture should feel authentic, surprising and thoughtful.

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