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How To Get A Great Headshot

Headshots are an actor's number one marketing tool, a pathway to auditions and a business card in a way. It’s the first thing a casting director sees; the first impression you make. When done correctly, it represents who you are, and is therefore one of the most important things to get right if you decide to pursue acting as a career. Your headshots are the first step to getting your foot in the door! We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to do it properly from the get go!

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Challenging A Theatre Tradition: Phones Off

Ok so I’m going to put it out there and perhaps I’m going to get my hand slapped for it. Even some of my fellow TheatreArtLife contributors are going gasp and shake their heads at me. (I’m looking at you Mena Buscetto). Perhaps I’ve lived in Asia too long and I’m tired of fighting the good fight but I’m going to say it....... why can’t audience members take photos during a theatre show???

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