8th March 2021
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no yes

Every "No" is One Step Closer to a "Yes"

No. Two letters.

They hold enough weight to crush a dream, enough power to derail a passion and carry a force big enough to wipe out a career.

As an actor I was taught to say yes to every opportunity, and I carry this philosophy with me in every facet of my professional life. What was never discussed was how to cope with hearing no, how to grow the infamous thick-skin and how to care for your...shhhhh don’t ever say it out loud...mental health!

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Leaving the arts

What I've Learned From Leaving the Arts Industry

Back when the Coronavirus pandemic began to shut down live performances and we saw an increasing number of industry professionals getting laid off, I started exploring other options. I went back to my resume and LinkedIn page after several years, thought about interests outside of the performing arts, and reached out to former theatre professionals who had successfully transitioned into other fields.

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hybrid performance

How We’ve Made Performances During Covid-19

In my first TheatreArtLife article, I stated that during the Covid-19 pandemic, a new hybrid model of performance has emerged. This new hybrid model has mixed performance and technology to great acclaim. In this article I wanted to share a further insight into how this model of creating has manifested itself and how some non-digital approaches have also yielded some fascinating results.

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