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COVID-19 + (Most) Artists = Disaster

Well...here we are. Our worst nightmare -- another email on COVID-19 ;) Millions of people all over the world are suffering and freelance artists, in particular, seem to be in a state of freefall. While I do not want to seize the moment as a “told you so”, we do need to take a hard look at the realities of what a crisis like this does to those of us who are woefully unprepared and what we can do in the immediate to take care of ourselves.

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Coronavirus Cancellations

Coronavirus Cancellations in Entertainment: What Else To Do?

It’s easy to think that 2020 might be a write off? At this point, we’ve narrowly avoided World War 3 between the US and Iran, we’ve been seeing the largest bushfires on record in Australia and then now, Coronavirus.

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Gig Cancellations

Gig Cancellations due to Coronavirus: Survival Tips for Freelancers

A few days ago, I came across this tweet and thought, “we are all pretty screwed if the freelancers who never mention money are now worrying about money”:

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