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Shakespeare theater

At Stratford's Shakespeare Theater, A Dream Becomes a Nightmare

The Shakespeare Theater in Stratford, CT mysteriously burned to the ground on January 13 of this year. It was reported today in The New York Times that a pair of local teens are charged with arson in the case, perhaps having set the blaze as a lark or prank, just as the local community was warming to the idea of activating this hallowed space with more community events.

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Managing Expectations

Tips For Artists on Communication And Managing Expectations, Pt 1

If you work with us, you have undoubtedly heard me talk about the vital importance of communicating and managing expectations. It’s a concept that was first introduced to me by a now colleague and then board member in reference to the cultivation and retention of an audience when I was running my theatre company.

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Show Reel Of The Week: Acrobatic Dancer - David Santos

Hello, I'm David Santos. I am an Acro Dancer Generalist profile that combines classical dance techniques and modern with precision gymnastics movements and circus techniques. My career as an artist began in Brazil, where I started gymnastics training in Sao Paulo at the age of ten. Nine years and many competitions later, I earned a scholarship to study at the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro, where I graduated with a degree in Circus Performance with a focus on the handstand, acrobatics, and contortion.

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