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Talent Versus Technicians

Talent Versus Technicians: Changing the Culture of Division

With all of the forward motion in the entertainment industry over the past few years, I just can’t believe that we still live in a culture of “Us vs. Them.” I’m talking about actors, musicians, “the talent,” vs. technicians. Even in my list, I’ve used a term I’m used to hearing: The Talent. Here’s the thing, I am also the talent. The spot ops are also “the talent.” The stage manager is also “the talent.” The deck crew, the A2, the board ops, the wardrobe techs, etc. are all “the talent.”

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Advocacy for Mental Health

Advocacy for Mental Health even if you are OK.

I do not suffer from depression. I’m wired as an optimist but that also doesn’t mean that my life has been all red wine and roses. I have had my share of picking myself up off the floor of helplessness. I’ve also been in the presence and surrounded by many people suffering depression. I have watched them drowning in it, trying to keep their head above water, their pain laid out in front of me. The second most painful thing from actually being in depression is watching someone you love go through it.

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Successful Marketing Plan

4 Essential Steps for Creating a Successful Marketing Plan

Before you go off on a marketing tangent – make sure you understand the steps to follow when looking to expand your market. Here is a short roadmap for doing just what you need – put some structure to your marketing planning and then execute and evaluate.

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