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Top 10 Tips for Staying Fit On Tour

I want to start by saying that being ‘Fit On Tour’ means something different for everyone. It doesn’t have to be about eating 100% clean, or busting out burpee’s - it’s about finding time for yourself in your busy days. Whether that’s as simple as meditation, or stretching or as big as a bootcamp, or spin class - it’s about stepping away. I strongly feel that our industry needs to break the stigma of ‘no rest for the wicked’- we are all overworked, and often fearful of taking a break on a show day among the hustle and bustle. But I believe it is important. For you, your team, your artists and everyone in between.

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Accidental Feminist

The Accidental Feminist: One Man's Story

Something that I’ve only recently discovered, through my own chauvinism (and it came as a bit of a surprise), is that I’m a feminist. This is a topic of conversation that many men, or at least those that are willing to discuss it, will tread with great caution. As with most things that one knows relatively little about it’s often considered wise to remain quiet and be considered a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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Female Stagehand

Female Stagehand: Equality....But Not Really.

Working for the entertainment rigging company enables me to listen to many interesting and inspirational stories from stagehands and theatre technicians. Their first-hand experiences usually show that the industry should have done more to create a safer and better working atmosphere that encourages all enthusiastic people to enter the industry.

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