16th April 2021
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notion of rituals

The Notion of Rituals: Making a Moment Last

As previously raised by Brendan Shelper, CEO of battleROYAL, and Nancy Braun, Director of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022, the central question of the initial concept for the Esch2022 Launch was: How can we build the crescendo for a societal momentum that takes a region’s population over the threshold into a new era? Or, in the words of Moloko: How can we “make this moment last”? Our answer: Rituals.

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communal table

The Communal Table: An Untethered Office

Every Wednesday morning (before March 2020) I would unpack my roadcase in exactly the same order. The ritual helped to ground me and set me up for the week ahead. First, my computer monitor and then all the cables needed to keep my laptop running with minimal effort. All chargers had to be in easy reach...yet far enough away from the pile of coffee mugs that would inevitably gather over the week.

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Ottavio Gesmundo

Ottavio Gesmundo: Theatre Industry Worker Tag

We are asking anyone working in any capacity of the theatre industry what they love about it and have learned along the way. Here is Ottavio Gesmundo based in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

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