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Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin & To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway: Revising the Art

There’s an old adage that ‘there is no new art’. Now whether you believe this or not, it’s also clear that an often popular way of generating new art is by reinterpreting or creating a new version of a previously created work. Recently, Aaron Sorkin (famed Television screenwriter of The West Wing) was asked to pen a version of the American classic To Kill a Mockingbird, but not without contention.

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show director

Metallica's Show Director: Dan Braun - The Importance of Collaboration

Dan Braun, Metallica’s Show Director, sat down with Mia Tinari, Global Head of Marketing + Communications at TAIT, and dished on his use of drones for the WorldWired Tour, what James Hetfield’s reaction was to seeing them opening night, why “ego” has no place in this business, and how Michelangelo and Vince Lombardi influence him every day.

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Theatre Sound Design

Theatre Sound Design: The Art of Documentation

When you work on a production, you never really know what sort of life it’s going to have after that initial run or tour. A production you designed two years ago may suddenly get another run, and you realise you need to dig out all your sounds and designs and make them work in a different venue. Or, you need to hand it over to an associate to do the same. It’s at times like these that you discover the value of two things: accurate, detailed documentation and an organised filing system.

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