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Investing in Yourself

Stage Managers: Investing in Yourself

For the last several years, my annual goals list has included adding two resume skills. I got this idea after reading “I am my biggest asset” over and over again on career related blogs, but it’s kind of true. It’s funny how long I overlooked that "investing in yourself" often has some pretty big returns, but it’s also funny how difficult it can be to do it at first.

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Post tour

Post Tour Adjustment: Getting Back to Home Life

Sometimes when you’ve been in the ‘tour bubble’, coming home can be daunting. You may be facing a period of unemployment, or, you might finish one tour and immediately start on the next project without really resting – a recipe for burnout.

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Confessions of a Perfectionist

Confessions of A Perfectionist: Carrying Fairies

Last week, I opened my new studio location. It was a labor of love, and after twenty years of teaching dance, who knew that I had lessons to learn? First of all, when it comes to construction, double the timeline and the budget. Second of all, it will not be perfect.

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