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Content Design

Content Design demands a Spatial Mindset as LED Tech Advances

Projection has traditionally been considered to have an unassailable advantage over other media when it comes to making any surface a digital canvas. From a shop window to the facade of a cathedral, projection has the edge – particularly when the latest projection mapping techniques are employed. Is that all about to change? After walking the halls at ISE 2020, Adrian Pennington considers recent advances in direct view LED and wonders if the gap has now narrowed.

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Entertainment Staff

Entertainment Staff & the COVID-19 Pandemic: Making Sense Of Now

I’ve now been off work (per say) for a month. The last day of the last project I worked on was February 29th. This was by design – I wanted to take March to take stock and work on some personal projects, initially with the idea that I’d pick up more work from April onwards. That clearly isn’t happening.

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Silver Linings

Silver Linings: Finding Hope in COVID-19 Times

These are some trying times. Parents are learning to home school their children. People are dying. The entertainment industry has come to a stand still. Small businesses are closing. Teachers are teaching through virtual studios and online classes. Doctors and Nurses are putting themselves at risk to help. Bills aren’t able to be paid. Toilet Paper and eggs are nearly impossible to find. Students were taken out of colleges. People are losing their jobs. Seniors are missing out on their last few months playing sports and being with their friends.

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