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Tony Awards 2019

The Tony Awards 2019: Inclusive and Inspiring

The 73rd Annual Tony Awards certainly did not disappoint. An evening of glamour, show stopping performances, breathtaking speeches and even some commercial-break-karaoke, set this year’s awards show apart from the 72 that preceded it in more ways than one.

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Cast and Crew - Looking After Each Other On Tour: Part 1

The pressures and practicalities of touring may increase your vulnerability and susceptibility to mental health problems, or exacerbate an existing condition. Be aware of your own mental health, and the mental health of your tour mates. If you’ve noticed that someone in your cast or crew is not quite their ‘usual self’, act on it and start a conversation.

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Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome: Why You Don't Feel Good Enough

One evening, I was talking to a good friend about work and our successes. I’ve had some important accomplishments recently, and I was telling her how I felt undeserving of the recognition.

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