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sound mixing

Striving for Excellence in Sound Mixing

I love to show this picture when people ask what my job in sound mixing is like, especially in tech. It’s from one of our first previews of the Miss Saigon National Tour: I’m at front of house (FOH) with Mick Potter and Adam Fisher, the sound designer, and the UK sound associate respectively, next to me on the console. The executive producer, Sir Cameron Mackintosh, watches the show on the end of the row, keeping a sharp eye out for any aspect that might need a bit of polish.

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Tour Management

Tour Management Manual: Mental Health & Wellbeing Part 1

Working in the arts and tour management is incredibly rewarding, but it can be challenging. An intensive working environment, long travel days, and separation from friends and family can leave company members vulnerable to stress and poor mental health. We know from contemporary research, anecdotes, and company discussions that the cost of poor mental health can be significant.

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first ramadan

This Was Not My First Ramadan

This was not my first Ramadan, my first was in Egypt when I was traveling along the Nile on a felucca boat and the boat crew would wake early before sunrise to have their breakfast and would then set sail while we still slept on the deck of the boat so we awoke to a sun rising over sandy hills as we sailed back towards Luxor. Once everyone was awake the crew would pull into shore to make us breakfast, despite them now fasting for the day.

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