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Chaos costs money

Chaos Costs Money: A Stage Manager on the Move

The last few weeks have been a pretty good lesson in how much money chaos costs. I am a fairly organized person. I like to have systems. I like everything to have a place. I like to have spares and backups. The funny thing about moving is that it throws all your systems so far out of whack.

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Followspot Operators

In Appreciation of Followspot Operators

During my time as a Department Head of Lighting, I had the privilege of managing a group of amazing technicians who ran the eight followspots used in our show. I've had to interview and audition many people to fill those positions. Some didn't make the cut during the interview, others in the audition, and still others I needed to terminate because they simply could not run the followspot at the level required for the show.

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Artists: When Money is Tied into Your Validation

Money is a sensitive topic for most people. It’s a complex, necessary evil that frees us when there’s lots of it and binds us when there’s too little. Most want more and today’s culture certainly promotes the seeming need for exactly that.

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