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downtime as a stage manager

Useful Things To Do in your Downtime as a Stage Manager

I feel a lot of stage managers are Type A folks. I know I am. I have a strong desire to go-go-go and I really like structure. Even at the end of a contract or gig where I feel totally burnt out – total burn out lasts approximately one to two weeks for me before I start getting antsy to do something. Often I want to do something useful in my downtime as a stage manager.

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Movie Trailers

Movie Trailers: Teasing or Spoiling?

Is it the title, the biggest name on the poster, that well-known composer behind the soundtrack or just that it happens to be an amazing director's latest release? For some it is all of the above and all featured in movie trailers. Even if personal tastes and one's mood at the box office can influence a movie selection, this industry knows that the secret is not in the sauce but in the trailer!

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The reaping season

The Circle of Life on Broadway: The Reaping Season Begins

In the weeks following the Tony Awards on June 9th, Broadway has seen the closing of many of shows: King Lear, Network (June 9), Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus (June 16), Hilary & Clinton (June 23), All My Sons, Kiss Me Kate (June 30) and The Ferryman, My Fair Lady, Ink (July 7). In the coming weeks they will be joined by, Be More Chill, The Prom, What the Constitution Means to Me, Frankie & Johnny…, Cher, Pretty Woman and King Kong! Thousands of people have enjoyed these shows; however, they will soon be gone.

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