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VJ Spetto

VJ Spetto: Audiovisual Artist Speaks on Life in Lockdown

This week we hand the blog over to internationally-acclaimed VJ Spetto, founder of United VJs, who reflects on life before and after a pandemic, with a candid look at the downsides and (unexpected) upsides of life in lockdown.

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black lives matter in Spain

Black Lives Matter in Spain: What We Can Do

George Floyd is not a unique case. His name is added to a very long list of people of African descent killed by the police or by improvised vigilantes in the US.

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Step 4 Circus

Step 4 Circus – A Movement Towards Positive Change

Step 4 Circus is a non-profit fundraising initiative to get circus professionals back to work. It will begin with my first steps in the Swiss Alps… but soon, I hope, your steps will join mine across the globe and, we might not actually move mountains but we’ll joyfully tackle and conquer them – step by step.

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