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The Importance of Core Strength and Stability For The Elite Performer

A strong, stable core is one of the absolute “must haves” in gymnastics. One reason is performance-based, as different events and the skills within those events require massive amounts of core strength. Creating “stiffness” in body shapes to absorb force allows good punching, lines, and handstand fundamentals.

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Evaluating Stage Managers

Evaluating Stage Managers: 5 Tips For Giving Performance Reviews

There is much debate in many companies, entertainment or otherwise as to whether performance evaluations are a waste of time. For the theatrical and live entertainment environment, mostly constructed by short-term gigs and freelance work they are not a common occurrence. Most people know they have done a good job when they get hired for the next gig.

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The Lever Principle: Which Archetype Are You?

Imagine this.

A being is sitting on a distant planet looking through a magical keyhole — a special kind of apparatus that magnifies the microcosmic life of another world. The experiment is to understand human nature. First, she must pick a lively spot on that beautiful foreign sphere. But the spectacle is somewhat tragic as thousands of people are drowning in a river.

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