16th April 2021
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Core Belief #4: You Have the Power

Core Belief #4: You Have the Power
By Artist's Strategy

At the core of Artist’s Strategy are four beliefs that we ask every client to at last work towards accepting. Core Belief #4: You have the power.

Why business gets a bad rap.

We love actors, obviously. We are both actors and have been around actors our whole lives. Artist’s Strategy was created to help artists, especially actors, have a psychic and emotional shift when it comes to their business, therefore building a sustainable future for themselves.

Though actors are creative beings, sadly that creativity doesn’t translate into how they run their business. Actors, who have such powerful imaginations, often lack a sense of scope when it comes to their careers. Before working with Artist’s Strategy, many of our clients saw running a good business only as a good headshot, good website and getting an agent who got them auditions.

There’s so much more that we can do. Period. So many avenues left unexplored, opportunities and connections right in front of us that are itching to be tapped into. But we are told we should stay in our lane, focus on our “art” and leave our futures and survival in the hands of other people. Yes, it works for some…but is it working for you? Is it really?

This is about empowerment, not guilt. This is about actors taking care of themselves, not passively waiting for a “break” or for things to work out. This is about giving our “hopes”, “wishes” and “dreams” a true fighting chance.

Practice your power.

There’s a party trick we have as consultants. Our clients hit dead ends, they do not know how to make a genuine connection with X Casting Director, they can’t think of a way to grow their Instagram following or get the most bang out of their self-produced project. They’re feeling hopeless and frustrated, and like they want to give up altogether.

Within 5 minutes, we’ve helped them figure out some back door and unorthodox to accomplish their goal. The client’s mind is normally blown and they invariably say something like this:

“Geez, my mind just doesn’t work like that. I just don’t think in this way.”

But over time if they are consistent, something magical begins to happen…they do begin to think that way. After all, if we practice anything, we get better at it…yes? If we treat each roadblock not as a crisis but as a detour and act “as if” there are solutions to our problem, pretty soon we begin to see those solutions.

The only way to begin stretching your creativity when it comes to solving problems in your career is by trying…and failing. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. The people who accept their personal power and the responsibility that they hold their futures in their hands make huge strides in their business. The actions they take are ones they would have never dreamed of taking mere months before.

Ironically, the clients who take very little action and are doing very little for their business don’t think there’s any more they could possibly be doing. The ones who are taking vigorous and consistent action, however, understand the possibilities are endless when it comes to what they can do with their careers.

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