17th May 2021
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Ubiquitous: What It Means and Why You Should Aspire to Be It

By Artist's Strategy

Early in my career, someone once described me as “ubiquitous”. I remember taking umbrage with the label because to me it implied I was brown nosing on some level but as my career continued on, I came to realize it was actually a big compliment. Now before you potentially look up this SAT word, know that it simply means to be seemingly “present, appearing or found everywhere”.

When considering ways to expand and cultivate your network, one of the easiest ways is to simply add “ubiquitous” to your overall brand. Added bonus, it doesn’t cost much to make this synonymous with you and what you’re selling.

If those around you perceive you as being “found everywhere”, you are an assumed heavy hitter of sorts. If you’re everywhere it means you’re invited, creating, desired, fun, able, independent and unafraid.

What’s the easiest way to become ubiquitous? Say “yes”. Say yes to events, say yes to collaborations and put yourself at various industry events at all levels (fringe to commercial). Especially when you’re starting out, becoming a creative labeled as ubiquitous implies that you’re accessible. People will want to work with you because they assume you have your finger in everyone else’s pies. ::insert dirty joke here::

Beyond just attending and participating, the next most obvious way to share this potentially new aspect of your brand is to post and tag! Obvious, right? Not so much.

For many of us, we don’t want to bother famous folks from our industry by constantly taking pictures and that might even trickle down to those who we’re sharing an event with but I’ve actually learned a great deal from a friend of mine who isn’t necessarily the most talented person. But they certainly know how to share their every move and subsequently end up in every important room and continue to work. I am in no way saying that appearing at every such event will get you booked but I am saying that it helps. The more you share and tag, the more you’re shared and tagged. Your ubiquitous nature will grow an audience before your eyes.

You might be thinking “ok – so you’re basically saying to get out there” but this actually goes a bit deeper. For personal context, think of that person(s) who you run into at multiple events. Now check their social media platforms. They don’t waste much time do they? They’re constantly forging connections and seem to be floating all over their industry. They are…ubiquitous.

For what it’s worth, this post is directed as much at me as it is for those who also need a reminder of the power of just being present.

I am an introvert and very much value my home time but need the reminder that in order for my own business to grow, I have to find continued ways to be found seemingly everywhere.

Mother Dirt

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