8th May 2021
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Fringe Theatre London: Executive Assistant – Rohan Perumatantri

Fringe Theatre London
By King's Head Theatre

Executive Assistant Rohan talks about what he has learnt in his role at King’s Head Theatre, a fringe theatre in London. He tells us what his favourite parts of the job are!

How long have you been working at the King’s Head Theatre and what is your job title?

Hi I’m Rohan and I’m the Executive Assistant here at the King’s Head Theatre and I’ve been working here for nearly a year now.

What does an Executive Assistant do on a day to day basis?

The Executive Assistant is such a great role because there are so many different things that I could be doing on a day to day basis. I’m basically the assistant to the Executive and Artistic Directors and so my job is to help them in whatever way they need. It means I can be doing things from diary management, scheduling meetings all the way through to contracting, going to meetings on their behalf, and just sort of anything and everything in between.

Why did you decide to apply for a job at the King’s Head Theatre?

I knew about the King’s Head Theatre, I hadn’t seen a show here before, but I knew about its reputation. I’d always wanted to work in theatre, specifically, fringe theatre. So when I saw a job come up which required good admin skills and good organisational skills, I decided to apply. I really wanted to work at and get better at these skills and therefore, I thought this was the ideal job for me to try to get.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Being able to see how a fringe theatre operates. The great thing about my role is that I am able to have such a brilliant insight into how the theatre is managed on a day to day basis because I am working for the Artistic and Executive Directors. This means I see how the building runs and how the shows are put on.  Also, because we’re a small venue, I can also see how all the other departments work, and work with them. That is really exciting.

What is one thing that you have learnt from your role?

Basically, how to run fringe theatre. I mean that one, running a fringe theatre is a big thing, and two, I do not know nearly enough to actually do that!

I’ve had a great insight into all the different areas. I get to see how marketing works in conjunction with the production team, seeing how that filters up to the Artistic Director talking to creatives or the Executive Director thinking about HR issues and everything in between. I get to be a part of all of it in a small way.

What has been your favourite show so far from your time at the King’s Head Theatre?

There have been so many shows, it is hard to choose. A couple of favourites,  La Traviata last autumn, it was the first opera I had ever seen and seeing an opera in a pub is quite an experience! Another show was Tumble Tuck, which was a piece of new writing, I love new writing. I thought it was just a great piece!

And finally, have you tried all 11 flavours of ice cream that the King’s Head Theatre sells?

No, I’ve tried Mango Sorbet and that’s what I want!

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