8th May 2021
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How To Create A Podcast using GarageBand?

How To Create A Podcast using GarageBand
By Anna Robb

Podcasts are becoming more of a trend these days, with people getting bored of the same music they listen to on a daily basis, they are slowly moving towards listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are fun, and you know it; many youngsters want to move into this entertainment sector and have the relevant speaking skills, but what they lack is the technical skill to create a podcast. Many well-known podcast speakers tarter from phone recordings; however, that is not how everyone wants to learn.

How To Create A Podcast using GarageBand

With growing competition, there has been an increasing need to learn how to create podcasts. Looking for great software has become challenging; forget about free software, even premium software is problematic for new users, and people don’t prefer them to a great extent.

This is where GarageBand comes into the picture; almost a majority of the apple users in the U.S have Garageband on their phone or their mac but are unaware of it. You can also download GarageBand PC Version using this article.

It is the perfect software that is free for you to make podcasts. Making podcasts is quite simple. You don’t have to think a lot about it. We are here to make the job easier for you. 

Creating a podcast is very easy; it’s a do once and know it always tasks. With growing podcasts, love among the people has brought increased demand for the creation of podcasts. A lot of the right speakers are moving towards podcasts and entertaining people. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Podcast using Garageband?

We have made an excellent step by step guide for you so that we can make it easy for you to understand how you can create a podcast. 

Step 1: Open Garage band and click on ‘new podcast.’

Once you open the GarageBand app, you can quickly get to know how you can go about with the app. Just open it and click on the new podcast, and you will be able to name your podcast. 

Give it a name of your choice, and then you will be ready to start. 

Step 2: Start recording. 

Once you have named your podcast, the next thing you can do is get started with your recording. Plugin your headphones and get started with the recording; you can select if you want to do a male or female voice.

Click the red button, and your recording will begin. 

Step 3- Add Jingles

Jingles are fun and make your podcasts sound better. To add jingles, you can click on the loop browser and then you will get more than hundreds of hundreds of options at your hand.

 You can drag the jingle, and then you will be able to add it to your timeline. 

Step 4- Add extra audio effects.

Audio effects make your podcasts sound better to the audience and keep them active; it brings energy among the listeners. It is effortless to add audio effects; you can go to the loop browser and then look for audio and strings, and then select what you feel is more appropriate for your podcast and then drag it into your timeline to get to use it. 

Step 5- Add the necessary media.

Many users create podcasts that include media; you can also add media to your podcast to be more attractive. Adding media is very easy; you need to drag media from your media browser and place it in your podcast track for it to play. 

Once you are done with all these, your podcast will be ready to be published. Garageband is an excellent software for you to test and explore for all your podcasts needs. 

What other benefits can I avail from Garageband?

Garageband is a widely used software across the world, its features being enormous. You must know that not only does it let you create the best podcast but gives you various other options as well. They are

  • Plugins: You can easily plug in your instrumental devices such as your guitar and keyboard and therefore add their recording to Garageband and work on them.
  • Ringtones: Garageband lets you create ringtones that you can easily edit and add effects to for your better use.
  • Inbuilt piano: They also have an inbuilt piano for you to use for you to record and add tracks and edit them if needed.
  • Easy jamming: You can easily jam with drummers with the help of Garageband.
  • Powerful synths: You can use their powerful synths to shapeshifting controls with various synth control features that they offer.
  • Great studio: You can record whatever type of track you want, master it and mix it as per your needs to get a great final podcast.

Final Thoughts

Garageband is one of the top software in the market for you to make a podcast; increasing competition comes increasing challenges, and Garageband is a must tool for someone who is into podcasts. 

Garageband can be used only by Apple users, having a Macbook or an iPhone or iPad. However, the features it offers are elite, making people want for it even more. To be in the top 5 podcasts of your region, Garageband will help you excessively. 

We hope we could walk you through a complete guide of how you can get started with your podcast using the amazon free software Garageband available on your Apple devices. 

To know more about GarageBand, you may comment on your queries on our chatbox below. You can also give your honest opinion and valuable feedback to us. 

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