18th May 2021
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Show Reel of the Week: Tightwire Dancer – Silea

By Show Reel Of The Week


Silea, give us your elevator pitch of who you are, what you do and what your skill set is.

My name is Silea. I am a tightwire dancer and the wire is what I love most. But I have expanded my repertoire to other circus skills and other genres such as eating razor blades and ventriloquism. I also walk on bottles and have started a one woman show. My home base is Berlin/Germany and my second home is Sweden. Usually I am a full time performer, touring with my acts and skills on all kinds of events and contracts.


What is your ideal role?

I love to play the funny and cute weirdo, who has a lot of freedom on stage because you can’t put a label on her. I love to combine my circus acts with acting skills and I love to be given the possibility to try out new material on stage.

Name your top 5 credits.

I can’t do that because I value every show as an experience of equal importance to grow. I don’t agree that a person’s top credits are examples of their best work. Some amazing art can be seen in underground places and some “not so amazing work” can be found in well known and well attended shows. Therefore I am not impressed by big names. I search more for inner fulfillment and development. When I see shows, I seek to see a performer’s special talent shine. Every show, even the smallest, worst paid no name show, can be a place of top credit.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I would say I find it mostly inside myself. Then in music, dance, rhythmic gymnastics, movies and in some friends. I find winter quite inspiring, too.

What motivates you to keep performing/creating?

The amazing experience of never stopping to learn and to grow. The world keeps expanding endlessly. Also the huge amounts of fun I have while performing and training. Escaping into this show dream world is a wonderful way to go through life.


What should TheatreArtLife readers know about you?

That is a hard question that I cannot really say. But some fun facts about me maybe are:

1. At first I seem quite normal but usually people who know me better tell me that I’m kind of weird in a good way…

2. I don’t eat fruits because I find them so disgusting that I can’t even try one before getting a vomit attack and I can’t even look at people eating fruit.

3. I’m a crazy cat lady and was so in love with my cat (who died at the age of 22 years) that I said no to a long term Cirque du Soleil contract because I was not allowed to bring her.

4. I also don’t drink beer or wine or coffee, but I have a totally serious chocolate addiction (so bad I drive in the middle of the night to a gas station if I run out of chocolate).

5. I love languages and grammar and can totally enjoy reading a dictionary (also I’m fluent in 5 languages). I have no local sense at all and get lost constantly. Even finding my table again in a restaurant after having been at the toilet is a challenge to me 😀

6. I have quite a big car but can’t really do the parking, so I often spend time driving around big cities for more than 1 hour just to find a parking spot which is big enough so I can just drive into it.

How do we follow you on social media?

Silea’s Website

Cirque Capricieux




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