12th June 2021
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Grasping for Social Media Content?

Social Media Content
By Artist's Strategy

One of the first steps to effectively marketing your creative business via your social media platforms is to make sure your content is well organized. And, of course, each platform asks for different formatting (photos, videos, witty thoughts, hashtags) that all need to somehow succinctly line up with your brand.

However, even once it’s all organized, it can feel like it won’t ever be enough to keep up with the weekly posting demands. Many seem to hit a wall after crafting a well laid out marketing plan that includes a social media content calendar, clarified design aesthetic and a system of organization because we simply don’t have the time to produce daily or even weekly posts in a varied, exciting, unique way.

If you don’t have the money, time or equipment to create all new content on a continual basis, take a look at the past 5-8 years of your life and career.

While it won’t supplement for all your posts, you can sprinkle them in to give yourself some breathing room while you continue to create. This idea can go well beyond every potential throwback-womancrush-flashback-monday-tuesday-sunday post. You can tell old stories for the first time and even get those pics that were 10 lbs ago to do their job today!

We are hungry for content and we go through it in a literal blink of an eye. With your brand depending on the consistent messaging social media demands, it’s near impossible to expect you to keep up with the desire.

Below are a list of places to look back at for potential social media content:

  1. Facebook Photos (Uploads and Tags)
  2. Instagram Archives
  3. Photos on your phone (scroll all the way back up!)
  4. Digital Cameras (lol)
  5. Old Hard Drives
  6. CDs
  7. Memory Cards
  8. DVDs
  9. VHS (what are those?)

You’ll be surprised at what you may find and what may be of interest to your base. Relinquish the pressure and subsequent excuses that can come with trying to have every feed poppin’ with new content and take a trip down memory lane. Besides basking in our seemingly near and yet so distant youthful glow, go ahead and turn those iPhone 6 photos into Instagram magic.

But please don’t tag me if you find anything from 2012. Those were rough years for me.

By Joshua Morgan for Artist’s Strategy.
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Artist's Strategy

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