16th June 2021
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Poem: That Beautiful Place

that beautiful place
By Big Sexy

As I lay watching the grass grow

And feeling the world turn

My mind travels to places pleasant

I run happily across fields of violets

Admiring the deep purple luminous hue

I dance among majestic trees

Nestled sternly within great rain forests

One among the damp leaves and scurrying insects

I become a hummingbird flying briskly

Through waterfalls of refreshing raindrops

Noticing the storm’s powerful beauty

I look out across a vast blue-green sea

Watching the sun set upon the rippling water

Turning the waves into an ocean of molten gold

I traverse deserts of glowing red sand

As the earth’s start rises above the horizon

The cool air flowing over the dry wasteland

Tumbleweeds spring to life and parade around me

I proudly scale incredible mountain peaks

Gaze out from the tops of fluffy cloud formations

Snow covered behemoths as far as my mind’s eye can see

All of these places I see as I lay there

Watching the grass and feeling the world

The best place I have saved for last

For all the others pale in comparison

When I think of that beautiful place


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