16th April 2021
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Benefits Of Turning Your Photo Into Paintings From Your Theatre Production

photo into paintings
By Guest Contributor
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You’re a member of a local theatre production in your state. You love acting, pleasing the crowd and dressing up for different roles ever since you were young. And now that you’re all grown-up, you think that a theatre production is the best avenue for you to do all of these; with a theatre production, you can continue what you love to do. And recently, one of the theatre production’s major staged play just concluded. This was what everyone was rehearsing for, for months. This is probably one of the highlights of your career as an actor. And to commemorate the play for the years to come, you’re considering turning your photo into a painting. This idea is still new to you that’s why you’re still not convinced.

When you’ve done something you’re passionate about, you want to keep the memories for as long as possible. And while everyone might have photos to capture these memories, you can try unconventional mediums like paintings. This is a creative way of keeping memories alive from your theatre production. To drive the point home, here are some of the benefits of turning your photo into paintings from your theatre production:

1. You can choose from many painting types:

This is something which you can only get when you decide to opt for paintings over photos. Paintings come in different types which means that whatever your preference is, there’ll always be a painting type apt for you. If you want your paintings to be emotional in black and white print, you can choose ink painting. If you want it to scream with colors, you can go for spray or oil paintings. The results from these paintings are far better than what you get from any edited photos.

2. Your creativity can improve:

Everybody wants to be creative – and painting can be an excellent medium for you to express your creativity. Once you decide to do a painting instead of merely taking photos, you can use your imagination better. You can choose to portray your emotions and produce abstract art. You can add whatever details and scribbles you want, and even add your personal touches to it. If you continually paint for longer periods, your creativity can improve and this is something which can also become useful in your theatre production – a creative actor will always gain the applause of many!

3. You can be relieved from stress:

When you spent hours practicing for your theatre production, it’s typical that you’ll feel stressed. If you don’t do anything about it, you’ll end up being demotivated in everything that you do. The quick solution? Painting. This is one of the easiest way you can relieve yourself from stress while producing an output at the end of the day. When you paint, you’ll no longer think about any frustrations you have and you’ll also have fun. You’ll be relaxed and calm the moment you start painting. You won’t experience any of these if you just decide to take photos.

4. You can release hidden emotions:

Because you can do anything with your paintings, you can use this is a medium to release all of your hidden emotions. If you think no words can express how happy or sad you are over some things, show it through your paintings. You can do that by choosing colors or themes appropriate for your emotions. With paintings, there are no limits in what you can do!

5. You can have better mobility:

When you take pictures, the moment the shutter clicks, the process is finished. You’ll have your photo captured and can be developed immediately. All of these things can happen within minutes. But in paintings, it’s never the same thing. You will be required to move more to come up with the best possible output. You need to move your hand in different motions to paint in different strokes. You would also need your brain to function well during this time because if not, where else can you get your creative juices? Painting requires all of your senses to be sharp.

6. You become observant to details:

Turning something into paintings will require you to look at details in different angles. You need to observe how a model places her hand on her waist or how a man styles his hair. These are small details but can have a significant impact on how a painting will look. When you train your brain to become keen to details, this trait will become innate to you over time. You’ll be someone who’s always looking into the details – regardless how big or small – all thanks to painting.

7. Your concentration and memory can improve:

Whenever you paint, your memory function and mind improves. Similar to how a runner exercises their heart, painters can also exercise different parts of their brain which is responsible for memory and concentration. Painting can lessen your chances of developing dementia and even Alzheimer’s. This can be very good for your mental health long-term.

Professional Services Can Help

There are many ways on how you can keep memories of the important events of your life. And status quo would tell you that people would be doing that with the use of photos. It’s an effortless medium to capture memories. And while you can always do that, don’t be scared to steer away from the ordinary – don’t be scared to turn your photos to paintings. Doing the latter will give you more creative freedom while giving you several benefits in the long run. If you’re convinced that turning photos to paintings from your theatre production is the best choice, start scouting for photo to painting services if you think you can’t do it on your own.

Guest Author: Adam Cross

Adam Cross is a writer contributing works to 1st Art Gallery. His attention to detail extends to things he writes, as he knows he has a responsibility to his readers as a writer to express his idea in a clear and concise manner. He’s currently trying his hand at oil painting, an activity he’s currently enjoying.

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