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flor guido
By Pierina Asti-Schulz

Flor Castilla Zárat and Guido Palacios, in addition to the artistic training and talent they developed, dedicated long hours to specialize, studied and rehearsed for many years and continue doing so. They don’t do it to win a championship, they do it for the love and passion for dancing and to enjoy every single moment. Everything else came later without them expecting it.


She is a dancer formed in ballet and contemporary dance and he was formed in Argentine Folklore and jazz.

Florencia and Guido started their life together in 2008 when they started to dance tango as a couple. At that time, nothing made them think that they were going to take the most precious trophy in the art that they decided to cultivate, nothing less than the World Tango Championship that takes place once a year in the city of Buenos Aires with competitors from all over the world.

They studied tango intensely since then and they tried in the championship for three years without getting any further but nothing stopped them and they continued studying until 2013 when they achieved the first place and therefore obtained the title of World Tango Champions.


They were preparing themselves for the love of dancing that made them vibrate so much on stage without any intention to win a World Championship.

Flor and Guido came to the 2013 competition with no greater aim than being part of a huge group of expert international dancers. They registered for the championship on the last possible day and one week before competing they finished the choreography that they would present for the first time to a demanding audience and judges. But they were very confident in their work and they were not pursuing a title but to enjoy the moment with many other talented competitors from all over the world.

When Florencia’s shoe fell off before starting the semifinals, they thought they had come this far but they continued to enjoy what they were doing with great confidence and passion and were able to reach to the finals.

When they heard the names of the winners, their names, Flor Castilla Zárate and Guido Palacios were not understanding what was happening when everyone began to congratulate them, to take photos and television networks were asking to interview them and then … they received the grand prize. It was a dreamlike experience that changed their lives forever in less than five minutes.

flor guido


They began to receive calls from all over the world to dance in shows or to do workshops. They began to get contracts for exclusive private events when the Kings of Spain, Madonna, Mick Jagger, among others, visited Argentina. Great personalities and celebrities congratulated them and expressed admiration for their work, It was too good to be true but it was.

flor guido

Since then Flor and Guido have appeared on countless television programs, have toured with the most emblematic tango companies such as Tango Lovers Company and have given tango dance seminars throughout Asia and Europe. In Buenos Aires their performances are required by the most renowned tango houses.

They are receiving multiple opportunities they never imagined giving their career a turn they never expected.

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