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EnjoyGalaxy Intelligent Lighting Systems Transform Spaces

EnjoyGalaxy’s Intelligent Lighting Systems Transform Spaces
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The Enjoy Technology Co LTD was established in 2001 in Guangzhou, China. During these last 20 years, Enjoy Technology have made their mark on the Chinese as well as the international market. EnjoyGalaxy, one of their many brilliant products will transform your performance space into an interactive LED extravaganza.

In essence, EnjoyGalaxy enables you to choreograph with light. Anything can be displayed. From a composition of abstract light effects to logos, banners, phrases, images, and even videos.

Additionally, a myriad of special lighting effects can be added, like strobes, rainbows, light waves, and light chases.


EnjoyGalaxy currently uses two system compositions:

The System Composition 1 is based on utilizing the help and interactive participation of spectators.

The system currently utilizes torches, wristbands, sticks, tambourines, light caps, glasses, luminous t-shirts, cubes, lanyards, candles, tubes, etc. Enjoy Tech can customize everything to your specific needs.

Composition 2

The System Composition 2 rather works with a base and software, producing a more unified, controlled dance of lights which can be installed independent of the participation of audience members.

System Composition 2 works over a 2.4G radio frequency. Through this radio frequency system, each pixel can be programmed and controlled individually.

Overall, Composition 2 has the capability to support 32 host bases. Each base controls 3’840 lights. This brings the entire host system to an impressive 130’000 lights which can be supported at the same time.

The speed in which this is possible is measured in milliseconds.

The singles are stable. There will be no information loss, no jams, or errors.

It is possible to set up the entire system so the light show will cover a 360 degree radius.

The distance covered can also be quite considerable. Each base provides a possible 400 meter radius. The System Composition 2 software is used to design as well as control the desired light effects. It can further be used to design and control interactive games.

EnjoyGalaxy interactive

At the London 2012 Olympics, Immersive conceived and implemented the idea to turn a stadium into a giant record-breaking screen space. They also covered a few London Taxis and even an airplane in LED for their opening ceremonies. However, back then, the technology for controlling these millions of lights was not yet wireless.

Enjoy Technology Co LTD’s technology, nowadays, functions completely wireless.

Over the years, Enjoy Technology Co LTD‘s concepts have many times proven successful.

Here are just a couple of recent examples:

The opening ceremony of League of Legends. The empty seats became the LED screen:

The opening ceremony of the Russia Hockey Games:


Especially now, during times of social distancing due to Covid-19, Enjoy Technology Co LTD‘s EnjoyGalaxy systems have the capacity to fill a potentially half-empty stadium, let’s say during a major sports event, with dynamic colors and light.

This can help enrich the experience for the spectators who are present in the stadium, as well as for viewers following the events remotely from their TV and computer screens at home.

EnjoyGalaxy stadium

Here are some testimonials by events industry professionals:

Anton Kotonov, Executive Art Director at Immersive says, “Nice and dynamic. Reminds me of what we did for the 2012 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.”

Kelly Eagle at Pixel Art is enthusiastic, “An amazing effort to bring the stadium to life with light and pixel technology. Turning your venue into a canvas!”

Events industry veteran, Chris Smith, comments, “No crowds. No problem. Ada Chen and Enjoy Technology Co. LTD delivered a great LED light show for the League of Legends finals in China. Other sports have shown fans via Zoom Calls in the stands, but I don’t mind using LEDs as a solution at all.”

Enjoy Technology Co LTD‘s Official Website

A Canvas of Light
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