16th June 2021
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The Stage Manager Tag: Marci Skolnick

Marci Skolnick
By Guest Contributor

We are asking stage managers around the world, in a stage manager tag, some key questions about their job. Here is Marci Skolnick based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

1. Are you a minimalist or a hoarder Stage Manager?

I prefer to think of myself as “well prepared” but I strive to be more of a traveling minimalist.

2. What do you always have with you on stage?

My fanny pack with a small notebook, flashlight and cough drops.

3. What’s in your kit?

This changes based on circumstance, but there’s always a free standing digital clock and three analog stop watches. And post it tabs.

4. Mac or PC?

Mac by habit, but I finally relearned PC. Universal communication is important.

5. What’s in your pencil case?

Cheap mechanical pencils that I assume will get stolen. I am always changing my mind on my favorite pen. A clicky eraser.

6. Favourite colour highlighter


7. Favourite pencil

I’m not precious about it. Just a mechanical pencil.

8. What may be surprising that you don’t use?

A computer to call from. Give me paper every time.

9. Coffee or Tea?

Yes. I love a pour over that I bring everywhere in my spill proof mug. But I’m an equal opportunity caffeine intaker.

10. Favourite Genre to work in

Lately it’s live music, but I am jonesing for some Shakespeare.

11. Advice for new Stage Managers

To quote Katherine Hepburn, “Never quit, be yourself, and don’t put too much flour in your brownies.”

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