12th June 2021
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Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

Staying Healthy on the Road
By Sound Girls

Round up of tips from SoundGirls for staying healthy on the road while working the crazy hours they do in live production.


For me, I schedule my workouts weeks in advance so that if I work in the evening one-day I’ll work out in the morning, or just on my days off and I’ll only workout 2-3 days per week. Sometimes if it’s absolutely necessary I’ll try to go for a jog or a quick workout during my breaks, it’s hard to stay motivated when we don’t have a set schedule for working but there’s always little gaps of time that are available, and take advantage of hotel gyms.


When you have a day off, make good food, get a dozen Tupperware you can freeze them in. Instant healthy food. Also, have easy to grab fruits and vegetables. I find walking and lifting on the job is sometimes quite enough for me as far as physical exertion goes. I need to watch my intake and make sure I have enough water and sleep.

I’m trying to think of food as fuel, and giving myself reasonable fuel for my day. It means I have a lot of hummus, nuts, apples and other fruit, “good” bread, PB & J, and other odd ingredients that I can then grab when I need something quick.


Yoga! It energizes not tires out. Also REALLY good for sanity on the road & yoga you can do it just about anywhere.


If you like yoga, try the YouTube channel “Yoga with Adriene.” She has a video for every body part, mood, tone schedule, etc. I am a huge fan. Even if the hotel doesn’t have a gym, you can make space in the room.


A lotta water. Keep hydrated.


I just changed my diet. I stay full longer, so I have more energy.. I eat a protein, usually chicken or fish, and veggies.. I snack on fruits and veggies….. granola bars are helpful. I drink water and tea mixed half sweet. I still eat whatever I want when I can.. but the last few weeks I have slimmed down and I feel good too.


Make it a point to rest/relax on your days off and drink plenty of water and foods to keep you hydrated. Eat foods with healthy and good amounts of protein and iron. Wear a hat and sunscreen when outdoors for long periods of time. I tend to do emergen-C every morning as well as Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water, teaspoon of honey, half a lemon, a couple shakes of powdered ginger, cinnamon, clove, cayenne pepper, and turmeric. Go in for a massage at least once a month if possible or a few times a year.


Supplements, superfood intake and smoothies! Lots of water too.


Hello, I believe that when you exercise frequently, it adds energy. Think of it like it is a bank account, the more you work out, the more money you are putting in for when you need to spend it. In this case, you will spend that energy at work. You are adding resistance. You will become powerful. Buy training items that you can do at work. Also, get up every hour or so and walk around. It pays.


As tempting as it is, the donut table is a do not table.


When I get breaks, I find a place and do some exercises. I try to make it a habit rather than sitting around and eating or doing something else… gotta integrate the movement into the crazy hours. Otherwise, there’s no way to live a healthy functioning life.


This isn’t exactly a workout, but I routinely remind myself to step outside and walk if I get a chance. Wakes me up, gets my legs moving, and does wonders for my mental well being. Even a lap of a block or two can really help!


Yoga is great, keeps you balanced, and flexible, reduces back pain and can be done anywhere. You can do a quick 2-minute stretch or a 45 min session.


My friend Andrea just started a blog/Instagram called Fit On Tour – worth checking out!


Take some 5lb dumbbells with you or a 10lb kettlebell. You can do the exercises .. during downtime..on the bus..etc. It’s light enough weight not to strain you, and the multiple reps will tone you. You can work all of your upper body this way.


Yoga, water, breathing deeply, all the above… I love yoga because you can do it anywhere. I love mindfulness breathing counting my breaths and letting thoughts come and go gently while I was returning to my breath. You can do this (almost) anywhere too.


I second the yoga! Make sure you are doing the right type of yoga. There is yoga that is more active, and there’s yoga that is more about meditation. I found a lot of relief in finding yoga routines that were stretching oriented, but you know your body the best, and you should know what routine is best for you! But if yoga turns you off, basic stretching and light ab workouts will really help your core and your posture which is the most important!


Hikes in days off so you can get cardio without having to fill on, also run, def yoga. Yoga=life.


I also second the “do not” table reference. Diet is essential when you don’t have the time/energy to exercise properly! Esp for weight maintenance!

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