21st June 2021
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Creating A Show: Is It A Good Idea?

By Clark Corby

It is opening night, a large anticipating audience awaits the lights to dim and for the art to steal them away from their day to day lives. As the blood aggressively pulses through your body, representing a beating heart that is under the adrenaline of a nervous soul, the show commences. Minute by minute it captivates, inspires, educates and brings shivers to the hardest of souls. A performance that reaches distant minds and lets them free.

Yet after all of that you never set foot onstage, nor did you share a seat with the patrons of the night. This time, it was your creation, your ideas and your heart that was squeezed into making such a masterpiece where you could not bring yourself to witness.

I would like to express two main thoughts for this article, your idea can be amazing and your idea could be absolutely terrible and that is OK. You could start off in both of these positions, but you never know how it will evolve, so start. I believe that with the right passion you can come up with the next great story, but just like any writer and creator before your time, it will never come easy. Let your idea mull, grow, mull again, explode, be picked apart, grow again, mull again. Let your idea evolve and take time, don’t pressure it, don’t push it, because every decision and reaction will affect you.

I write this to entice you into taking that risk, over and over again. To succeed in small detail, to fail without losing dignity.

Your ideas will continue to change, to evolve and to challenge not only yourself but everyone you work with and everyone that experiences your work. Don’t let your motivation be dragged down by complacency, if you need to change your scenery, change it, for anything that attempts to crack that path of your creation should not be within your path.

Every idea that flows through your mind, write it down, don’t let it go, because that next idea could be your next future or the future of someone else.

Be humble, strive for success, be passionate. Be passionate about your work, your ideas and your creativity. Is it a good idea? Only you will know, don’t create for other people, create for yourself, for your ideas and creativity will touch someone’s soul, it will motivate the next idea and it will create great discussion.

The romance of a glass of wine by candlelight and your mind dreaming your next creation, it is an image that so many artists have experienced. I have always felt that some of the best art in this world leaves a person taking away their own experience, their own emotions and their own inspiration. This was not an article on how to create the next Hollywood blockbuster or the next amazing Broadway show, it is an article that hopefully inspires you to take that next step, and pushes you to believe that your ideas are just as good as any.


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