15th May 2021
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The Origins Of Big Sexy

By Big Sexy

I wasn’t always known as Big Sexy. It feels like I have been that forever but actually, Big Sexy was created in the early 2000s. I’ve always had a love for improvisational comedy. I followed the teachings of Second City and Groundlings.  The Improv comedy club in Ontario, CA was having a competition called King of the Water Cooler and you just had to be funny. I am a funny guy… so I entered.

The prize was free admission to a stand-up comedy class and a headline spot one night at the club. I made it to the final round but was beat out of the top spot by 2 audio malfunctions. One was on purpose by the guy who won (this was just after the Ashley Simpson lip-sync debacle) and mine wasn’t and I took 2nd place. The prize for second place was free admission to comedy class and a spot in the line-up at the club. So, still a victory for me.

The winner of the contest was Quinn Larsen. He belonged to an improve troupe called the Swingin’ Johnson Brothers. I’ll let that name sink in… The brothers invited me to one of their shows, as a stand-up, and found out that I can actually improvise as well and let me join them in a few games.  After the show I was invited to perform with them on a more regular basis and audition to join the troupe permanently.  I did. After your 3rd performance you were required to choose a “Johnson” name. I lingered around Majick Johnson (spelling on purpose because I’m a nerd and also wanted no confusion with the basketball player).  I also toyed with Hugh G Johnson, Phat Johnson and Sexual Chocolate Johnson. The last one landed me on my final choice and Big Sexy Johnson was born.

I performed as a Swinging Johnson Brother on stage and in film for the next few years and the popularity and fame of Big Sexy grew. I would make occasional trips to Las Vegas and would put “Big Sexy” as my name anytime I went to karaoke. Eventually people knew me but knew me only as Big Sexy.

When the time came to make my departure from California and move to Las Vegas I decided that I was only going to go by Big Sexy. I would leave my “Johnson” in Cali.

I wanted to be taken more seriously than having a name that was just a dick joke. I knew that Big Sexy would be difficult for everyone to be comfortable with saying but I couldn’t worry about everyone else’s comfort level.

There have been some very interesting introductions made since I made the change. Yes, I still introduce myself as Big Sexy. The best responses are the “I’m sorry, what was that?” I repeat the name with the intonation of yeah, you heard me right. I get the occasional “I’m not going to call you that;” I stopped challenging and simply reply “You can call me ‘Big,’ we can be on a first name basis.”  As I have ventured into more creative endeavors as just Big Sexy and not James White I feel more empowered and I finally have a brand.

Now I begin to build that brand adding “Who Is” to the front and forming Who Is Big Sexy Entertainment. The best foundation has been built. The best is yet to come.

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