16th April 2021
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Setting Fitness Goals With Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel
By Fit On Tour

Brett Kissel is a Canadian country singer and songwriter signed to Warner Music Canada.

Over the past few years, the country singer has received an armful of Canadian Country Music Association Awards, (including two straight wins for Male Artist of the Year and the coveted Fans’ Choice). Brett was the recipient of the Allan Slaight Honor from Canada’s Walk of Fame (previously presented to Drake, Shawn Mendes and The Weeknd), the Breakthrough Artist of the Year winner at the JUNO Awards 2018, and was recognized as the International Artist of the Year at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood, California (an honor bestowed upon Ed Sheeran and Adele in the last two years respectively), and was also the 2019 JUNO winner for ”Country Album Of The Year’ for ‘We Were That Song’ – HUGE congrats to Brett and his team.

The Fit On Tour team are fans of Brett. Beyond his music, we love the expression in his social media – especially the way he proudly loves his family and shows the balance he finds between his demanding touring schedule and life at home. Personally, our favourite tune is Cecilia – a love ballad for his wife. Check it out below.

When the Fit On Tour Instagram account started, Brett Kissel was one of the first followers to pop up on the feed – this was both exciting and motivating. Wait, people actually care about this thing? Artists are looking for accounts to inspire, and motivate them?

Brett recently took to social media to express his desire for change. A desire to take his health and fitness seriously – for himself, for his family, and to sustain his successful career.

I asked Brett a few questions about his fitness journey ahead and this is what he had to say:

What is your biggest motivator to change your lifestyle, and join the Fit On Tour train?

Well, being Fit On Tour is something I didn’t really do, it was actually something I did in the off season, while off the road. During my ‘We Were That Song’ Tour I didn’t have the time I wish I had to hit the gym often or follow a routine. So, instead, I focused a lot on cutting out bad foods, alcohol, and to be conscious of my diet.

When I got home, over Christmas, I indulged in everything bad that I didn’t eat or drink while on tour. This is when I basically ballooned. (Haha)

So, sometimes you just need to look in the mirror and START – so in January / February – I did.

I’ve worked very hard to get back to my original weight, and am now working to build muscle and lean out. My friends at Exist Fitness in Alberta helped me on this journey, and now I have some great tools that I’ve taken to Nashville with me (since I moved back here with my family.)

So, my biggest motivator? = The Mirror.

Who are your biggest fitness influences?

First fitness influence is Jim Cressman, my friend (first), my agent (second). He is the real deal. And although I truly respect his work ethic in the gym and the stuff he’s able to do — it’s his balance with work and family, plus his unwavering dedication that REALLY inspires me.

Andrea: I second this!! Follow JIM CRESSMAN for some mega motivation!

The next fitness influence is The Rock – Dwayne Johnson. He’s just the coolest. The strongest. The most badass.

What has been the biggest struggle to date in terms of maintaining your health and fitness, with your demanding and busy touring schedule?

The biggest struggle unquestionably is time. Finding time. Making time. Putting in the time.

But NIKE wouldn’t have the slogan “Just Do It” or “Just Don’t Quit” if it wasn’t an accurate or inspirational ‘push’. (Can you tell advertising works? haha).

So, for me, I just have to put in the time. Just arriving at the gym, or getting into plank position to start my daily pushups is the victory.

So, for me, I just have to carve out and find the time in my packed schedule with my family and career to make fitness a priority.

So, for me, it’s pretty simple. JUST DO IT!

Andrea: Without a doubt, this is the biggest struggle for many on the road – finding time in our busy days. At Fit On Tour, we had this problem too. We have started to schedule “FOT moments” into our days – we make these moments JUST as important as anything else on the production schedule. As we’ve said before, these moments can be as simple as a walk, or as big as a run – but we ensure our teams and artists have the time they need to feel their best selves and produce their best work. While understanding that this simply isn’t possible every day, we encourage the leaders at the top to promote health & wellness wherever possible for their team – it can make a world of difference.

What are your fitness goals for this year?

My fitness goals for 2019 are maintenance first, growth second. I still struggle with a routine, with eating choices, and time management. But if I get to the gym, or work out at home, that’s a big win. So, the first goal is to maintain where I am at. Establish a good routine. Eat healthy. And manage my time. When I accomplish that, I will get onto a new path this summer, where I’ll focus on building muscle, leaning out, and pushing myself harder than ever before.

The Fit On Tour team is cheering you on, Brett! Follow along with his journey in all things music, family, travels, and fitness HERE.

Stay Healthy,

Team FOT

Published in Collaboration with Fit On Tour

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