21st June 2021
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Addressing Unknowns: Questions Lead To Answers

Addressing Unknowns
By Artist's Strategy

Unknowns are scary. They can make us feel unsure and insecure. Beyond that, it’s often hard to admit (even to ourselves) that we don’t necessarily understand things so it can stop us in our tracks rendering us unable to move forward altogether. However, your unknowns lead to questions which lead to answers.

One reason Artist’s Strategy’s structure and curriculum is built for artists of all kinds is because a) we believe the basic foundational components of any entrepreneur’s business are the same and b) your industry specific questions will reveal themselves *through* the work and subsequent plan you’re building for yourself. Why? Because questions lead to answers.

While I totally empathize with creatives who express the “well… I don’t know” in response to why something isn’t progressing, I’m also always left with some bewilderment as to why we don’t develop some semblance of independence when it comes to our work.

I believe there’s a simple fix. Ask questions. They’ll lead to the answers.

We live in a day and age where information comes at us from all sides. And maybe that’s it! Maybe we have too many resources and too many ways to find out the info we need that it overwhelms us on a whole other level. But to quote the spineless Mick Mulvaney – “get over it”. We’re spoiled. We know this so let’s take advantage of what google, every imaginable app, millions of books (available for listening!) and decades and decades of available research can do for us and educate ourselves.

A good starting place to see if your unknowns might be at the root of some of your problems is to simply list out what those issues may be and what some of your questions may be (How do I create a budget? How to produce? What is a brand? etc.). The beginning of your investigating will be revealing and more than likely very helpful.

Your questions do not need to hold you back. Instead, they can move you forward.

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