16th June 2021
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Procrastination: Sometimes It Can Be A Good Thing

By Trevor Yuile

As a composer, Trevor Yuile contemplates and works with procrastination all the time. He is an advocate for choosing to wait for the moment to be right before putting in the required work. Procrastination however, requires a certain amount of discipline and a good assessment of your own abilities. You must know the point where you can no longer wait to put something off. There is a big difference between being irresponsible and knowing what you are capable of.

There are various claims of the benefits of procrastination online, here are some of them:

1. When you procrastinate, you are more likely to let your mind wander. This gives you a better chance of stumbling on a better idea than your first and more conventional one. You have the time to think in more divergent ways allowing you to make unexpected leaps.

Ultimately this has the potential to make you more creative.

2. When you actually get going on a task, it makes you hyper focused on the task at hand. You have less time to second-guess yourself. You are forced to make decisions, commit to something and follow through.

3. The task might disappear or change by the time you work on it. Did you get started and the instructions changed? Was the task no longer needed after a few days? Sometimes if you set yourself to work straight away, you are opening yourself up to doubling your work or doing work that isn’t needed by trying to do it immediately.

Trevor’s advice?

Try delaying something, a task, an assignment, a job to do. See what kind of decisions you make in that state and see if procrastination can work in your favour.

Watch his V-Log on procrastination:


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