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Events Masterclass Series: Team Recruitment & Leadership

Team Recruitment
By Guest Contributor

Successful events are the right combination of effort from a wide variety of people and services that come together to deliver the impossible. How you choose, engage and lead the people that represent every aspect of your event is how successful you are.

Let’s look at evaluating the hard and soft skills of candidates, weighing the importance of recommendations from trusted sources and balancing the needs for skills with the need for trust.

Capable doesn’t always mean reliable. When things go wrong are skills so much more than attitude? Are you the leader or manager of a project? Which do you WANT to be?

Dawn Dennis

Originally from Las Vegas, Dawn has nearly 30 years of experience in the events and entertainment industry, with the last 12 years spent working throughout China, SE Asia, the Middle East and the UK. In roles from project management to event producing, Dawn’s skills span account management, VIP management, show and entertainment logistics and technical and production management.

Whether as a producer or technician on countless concerts, exhibitions and corporate shows, Dawn has worked across the major venues of Las Vegas and in many Asian cities. Dawn has worked on the Olympics, with one of the top sponsors, on casino openings in Macau, citywide lighting festivals, production launches, conferences and many more.

​​​​As the region and industry develops, and now responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dawn is now splitting her focus between event production, event education and future work strategies. She is building programs to improve event management skills as well as helping broaden minds to think about the psychology of event management, and also working to improve event sustainability and risk assessment by event organisers.

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