9th March 2021
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Working as a Voice-Over Artist with Isaac Robinson-Smith

By Anna Robb

TheatreArtLife has a one-on-one discussion with acclaimed voice artist Isaac Robinson-Smith.

Having worked as an on stage performer, Isaac has now built a career as a sought after voice actor, providing voices for television animation, video games, film, and theme parks. Isaac discusses his transition from stage to behind the microphone, and the exciting world of voice acting.
An interesting look at another aspect of performing, this discussion is a must watch.


Isaac Robinson-Smith:
​​​​​​​Having grown up imitating voices, singing, and performing on stage his entire life, Isaac Robinson-Smith could not believe his luck when he found out that all of these skills could be put into one job: voice acting. After graduating with a degree in Drama from UC Irvine and continuing to work at Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood as a stage performer, Isaac went on to pursue voice over professionally. He has done work for many prominent studios including Warner Bros., Walt Disney Animation, Marvel, Dreamworks, and 20th Century Fox to name a few. His projects range from commercials to video games, to animated shows to announcements and voices in Disney Theme Parks and attractions worldwide.

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