16th April 2021
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The Stage Manager Tag: Ralph Stan Lee

Ralph Stan Lee
By Guest Contributor

We are asking stage managers around the world, in a stage manager tag, some key questions about their job. Here is Ralph Stan Lee based in Long Island, NY (not a city but people from NY will understand).

1. Are you a minimalist or a hoarder Stage Manager?

As a stage manager I am a hoarder.

2. What do you always have with you on stage?

iPad, stopwatch, cellphone (on silent), flashlight and a black and silver sharpie.

3. What’s in your kit?

My kit has my whole office set up for tours, my kit is also one of my old tour trunks. My kit shifts per production so it can go from I was given nothing to here are a few things I need to support me and my team.

4. Mac or PC?

As an SM PC, in my personal life Mac.

5. What’s in your pencil case?

4 pens, 4 colored pencils (red, blue, green, yellow), stopwatch, in ear for my radio, post it notes, eraser and portable clock.

6. Favourite colour highlighter

Yellow for of deck, blue everywhere else.

7. Favourite pencil

Zebra F301 0.7 mechanical pencil or HB#2 jumbo.

8. What may be surprising that you don’t use?

In this day and age, I do my best not to use a paper script.

9. Coffee or Tea?


10. Favourite Genre to work in

Social Issues.

11. Advice for new Stage Managers

Know your worth and don’t work for free. There is a time young in your career where it can be acceptable but if you have graduated with a degree in theatre you have paid your “dues” to the craft. Don’t cut yourself short by working for a company that doesn’t value the work you already put in to qualify for the job you accepted.

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